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24-25 июля в рамках Форума Энергия Будущего в Астане прошли Дни энергетики Европейского Союза. Мероприятия, проводимые при поддержке Европейского Союза, являлись частью "Дней энергетики ЕС" в качестве основного вклада Европейского Союза в ЭКСПО-2017.


24-25 шілде Астанада Болашақ Энергиясы Форумы шеңберінде Еуропалық Одақ энергия күндері өтті. Еуропалық Одақтың қолдауымен өткізілген іс-шаралар, Еуропалық Одақтың ЭКСПО-2017 негізгі қосқан үлесі ретінде, "ЕО энергия күндерінің" бөлігі болып табылады.

Sigatoka, Fiji - Strengthening of the rule of law in Fiji and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the justice sector by enhancing the capacity of Fiji's Judges and Magistrates to deliver access to justice for all Fijians, is a key objective of a two and a half-day workshop which got underway yesterday on the Coral Coast in Sigatoka, Fiji.

Suva, Fiji (July 31, 2017) – A grant of FJD 150,000 will see Eugene Joseph from the Conservation Society of Pohnpei begin the fundamental process of community consultation to ensure a cross-sectorial informed policy development process on conservation in Micronesian.

En un concurrido acto celebrado en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, el Embajador de la Unión Europea en República Dominicana, señor Alberto Navarro, entregó al Consejo Regulador del Café de Valdesia el pergamino que reconoce a este producto regional dominicano como Denominación de Origen Protegida por la Unión Europa, dando cumplimiento a una decisión adoptada por la Comisión Europea que se encuentra contenida en el Reglamento de Ejecución No. 1043.

EU News 166/2017


The European Union and its Member States cannot recognise the Constituent Assembly elected on 30 July and call for urgent measures and negotiations to find a solution which respects the constitutional rights and mandates of all legitimate State Institutions, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said in a Declaration on behalf of the EU28 on 02 August. The EU and its Member States are ready to gradually step up their response in case democratic principles are further undermined and the Venezuelan Constitution is not respected.


L'UE appui l'IECD pour mettre en oeuvre le projet de renforcement des très petites entreprises congolaises.

Le projet vise à améliorer les compétences en gestion des chefs de petites entreprises avec une formation de Base en Gestion ; et des futurs entrepreneurs avec la Formation Porteurs de Projets.

Le projet "Programme de renforcement des très petites entreprises congolaises" porté par IECD (Institut européen de coopération et de développement) vise à améliorer les compétences en gestion des chefs de petites entreprises et des futurs entrepreneurs.