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Having read in the press the repeated ill-informed and distorted comments and accusation by some South African poultry producers' regarding the European Union and chicken bone-in imports into South Africa, I would like to share with readers the European Union perspective. 

He received a brand new Canon camera from EU Delegation to ASEAN and promo items and trophy from the EU Delegation in Manila for his winning photo titled, “Connected.” The awarding ceremony was also attended by Mattias Lentz, Minister Counsellor and Jerome Riviere, First Secretary of the EU Delegation, Ms Glenda Mugol (photo entry: “Kalinga Morning Ritual”), Mr. Miguel Gomez II (photo entry: “The Boat kids of Palawan”) and Mr. Lars Salamante (photo entry: “ United we stand tall,” “Society is Unity and Diversity,” “Youth-nity”) who received their certificates of participation for their photos. Congratulations to all the 21 Filipinos who submitted their entries to the contest.

A speech delivered by Dr Michael Pulch, EU ambassador to Singapore, at the 60th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty Reception hosted by the Italian embassy on board the the Italian Navy 'ITS Carabiniere', March 16, 2017.

On February 9, 2017 in Ala-Buka village of Ala-Buka district (Jalal-Abad region) the official opening of a plant for production of plastic pipes for drip irrigation was held.

9 февраля 2017 года в селе Ала-Бука одноименного района Джалал-Абадской области состоялось официальное открытие завода по производству пластиковых труб для капельного орошения.

2017-жылдын 9-февралында Жалал-Абад облусунун Ала-Бука районунун Ала-Бука айылында тамчылатып сугаруу үчүн пластикалык түтүкчөлөрдү өндүрүү боюнча заводдун расмий ачылышы болуп өттү.

Photos: International Women's Day 2017 Discussion "Breaking Gender Barriers"

UN Women Indonesia, the EU Delegation and Indonesia's National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) organised a discussion on 16 March 2017 in Jakarta as part of the call for action to break gender barriers that prevent women and girls to be able to reach their full potential.