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Yesterday, the 6-months report from the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee (AJSC) was publicised highlighting that 2016 was the bloodiest year ever for journalists and media in Afghanistan. 13 journalists were killed, a figure that is unprecedented. Threats are posed by a variety of groups, including government officials, but the changed Taliban policy towards journalists and media is the main driver behind the increase in the violence against journalists. The deliberate targeting of media reflected in the figures show that Taliban are responsible for 10 of the 13 killed journalists.

The Delegation of the European Union to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva hosted on 19 January 2017 a panel debate entitled “Respect for International Humanitarian Law: An International Responsibility; a Global Challenge”.

The European Union has a special focus on media and press freedom here in Lebanon and we have been funding various national and regional programmes and projects to promote professional journalism and the capacities of media outlets across the region.


يولي الاتحاد الأوروبي اهتماماً خاصاً بوسائل الإعلام وحرية التعبير في لبنان، ونحن نمول العديد من البرامج والمشاريع الوطنية والإقليمية لدعم الصحافة المهنية وقدرات وسائل الإعلام عبر المنطقة. وسوف نستمر في ذلك.