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Ahead of the International Women’s Day on 8 March, we continue to share how the European Union actions or projects are empowering women in the Pacific.

Jeannette Ramarisoa is a farm owner in Madagascar. Even though she had been a farmer since the age of 19, she had never had an official certificate confirming that she owned her land. So she couldn’t use it as collateral to borrow from a bank and expand or diversify. But then the EU worked with the government of Madagascar to give farmers official certificates confirming that they owned their land.

Milembe Daniel is a 19 year-old student from Tanzania. She wasn’t aware of the importance of saving for her future – or how to go about it. That’s where the EU External Investment Plan came in.

13 países de América Latina y casi 100 participantes han compartido información con Europol, Interpol, Ameripol y el Consejo de Europa a través del Convenio Medicrime

The second Senior Officials Meeting under the framework of the Cooperation Arrangement between the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was held virtually on 3 March 2021. The meeting was co-chaired by Mohammed Al Shehhi, Director for European Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Deputy Managing Director for the Middle East and North Africa in the EEAS Carl Hallergard.

Las empresas que protegieron sus marcas y patentes entre 2010 y 2019 contribuyeron casi en 50% al PIB de México. La propiedad industrial genera la tercera parte del total de los empleos en México; los salarios son 18% más altos. Las empresas europeas en México que registran su propiedad industrial aportaron 1.7 millones de empleos directos a la economía mexicana. Las empresas que protegen sus marcas y patentes representan más de 70% en la exportación e importación de mercancías.

Yesterday’s killing of three female media workers, Mursal Wahedi, Shahnaz Raofi and Sadya Sadat in Jalalabad, in atrocious, planned assassinations deprives three young individuals of their future, and their families, friends and colleagues of loved ones. Following the killing of Malalai Maiwand in December, these attacks further illustrate the vulnerable and dangerous situation that media workers, especially women, face.

3 March 2021, New York – European Union Statement delivered at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Plenary Meeting on the Adoption of draft resolution A/75/**, "The role of diamonds in fuelling conflict: breaking the link between the illicit transaction of rough diamonds and armed conflict as a contribution to prevention and settlement of conflicts"

Onze mois après le lancement des premiers dispositifs de subventions à la coproduction audiovisuelle dans les pays du Sud soutenus par le Programme ACP-UE Culture, près de €1 800 000 (soit 1/3 de l’enveloppe) ont été mobilisés par les fonds de coproduction internationaux pour soutenir une cinquantaine de projets de séries, documentaires et fictions cinématographiques en provenance des pays d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique (ACP).