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Le 4 septembre 2015, les ministres des affaires étrangères et des affaires européennes de l'UE ont débattu du processus de paix au Moyen-Orient, du partenariat oriental de l'UE et des relations de l'Union avec la Russie.

Le 5 septembre, ils ont été rejoints par des représentants des pays candidats à l'adhésion pour évoquer les problèmes de migration et les défis que l'UE et les pays candidats doivent relever dans ce domaine, puis ils se sont entretenus des relations UE-Iran, à la suite de l'accord conclu sur le programme nucléaire iranien.


EU and China launch new Co-Funding Mechanism for research and innovation

On 7th September, the Conference "Promoting Excellence through Enhanced EU-China Researchers' Mobility and Cooperation" attracted more than 300 participants and brought together a high number of authorities, experts, researchers and innovators from China and Europe.


9月7日,“追求卓越 - 促进中欧科研人员交流与合作”大会在北京召开,300余位来自中欧政府、科研和创新机构的专家学者与会。中国科技部副部长曹健林、国家自然科学基金委员会副主任刘丛强、中国科学院副秘书长谭铁牛,以及欧洲委员会科研与创新委员卡洛斯·莫达斯、欧洲研究理事会主席让-皮埃尔·布吉尼翁、欧盟驻华大使史伟出席大会。参与对欧合作的科研人员介绍了各自联合研究项目的经验。

Developing high impact training materials and training trainers for training informal workers for jobs and income

«La crisi dei rifugiati non è passeggera e non si può far finta di non vedere». L’alto rappresentante per la politica estera sprona così l’Europa.

We obviously focused today, in a meeting that was not an easy one, on the refugee crisis. And here we need to start using the right words: it is partially a migrant flow, but it is mainly a refugee flow, which puts us in a different situation when it comes to our legal and moral duties. In our eyes we have the pictures of the people marching from Budapest to Vienna, with European flags.


Following President Otto Perez Molina's decision yesterday to resign in order to confront the accusations levelled against him, the swift appointment of the new President Alejandro Maldonado is an important step to ensure that constitutional order is upheld at this crucial moment for Guatemala.


À la suite de la décision de démissionner prise hier par le président M. Otto Perez Molina afin de répondre aux accusations portées contre lui, la nomination rapide du nouveau président M. Alejandro Maldonado constitue une mesure importante pour faire en sorte que l'ordre constitutionnel soit maintenu en ce moment crucial pour le Guatemala.



Today, we will start with an issue that is very important for all of us, which is the Middle East Peace Process between Israel and Palestine. This is also related to the stability, security and peace in the Middle East. We should not forget crises when they are out of your own attention and keep our work going also on the files that are open since decades, as in this case.