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Belarusians with career-related interest in the European Union are invited to apply for the 2019 European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP).

Запрашаем беларусаў, чыя кар'ера мае дачыненне да Еўрапейскага саюза, да ўдзелу ў Праграме візітаў Еўрапейскага саюза (EUVP) у 2019 годзе.

Белорусы, чья карьера связана с Европейским союзом, приглашаются к участию в Программе визитов Европейского союза (EUVP) в 2019 году. Заявки могут подавать государственные служащие, журналисты, исследователи, представители некоммерческих и неправительственных организаций в возрасте от 30 до 40 лет.

The European Union and the United Nations will co-chair the Brussels II Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region

Para impulsar acciones que contribuyan a un mejor aprovechamiento de las oportunidades del pilar comercial del Acuerdo de Asociación UE-CA.

Embajadores Europeos presentarán las oportunidades de estudios superiores en Europa.

The project aims to produce a two-dimensional virtual reconstruction, authentic to the original, of selected first-category archaeological sites (urban locations from late Roman period).

Photo competition on the natural and cultural beauties of Bosilovo, exhibition of historical photos of Bosilovo, presentation of authentic local food and poetry readings.

Today the European Union has announced a package of up to €150 million to support the revitalisation of the Lebanese economy as part of its longstanding commitment to the economic development of Lebanon.

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