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Yesterday I had the honour to give a solemn undertaking before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg with my European Commission colleagues. At a formal sitting before the Court, all Commission Members gave the solemn undertaking prescribed by the Treaties.


EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan is in Washington, DC (January 13-16) for meetings with the U.S. Administration, Congress, the IMF, and business leaders. This will include meetings with the United States Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, the Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, and Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross. This is the first trip that Commissioner Hogan is taking outside the European Union in his capacity of Commissioner in charge of trade. 

Claudia Wiedey, ambassadrice de l'Union européenne au Maroc était l'invitée de Rachid Hallouy pour l'émission l'Info en Face du Matin TV le 09 janvier 2020.