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The EU decided this week to provide 14 M€ to the Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilization (FFIS) managed by the UNDP. This will bring the overall European contribution (EU and its Member States) to 87.6 M€.

The Head of the European Union in Ghana, Ambassador William Hanna, on 17 October 2016, called on African Higher Educational authorities to promote the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union in their Universities. He was opening the third general meeting of "Tuning Africa Phase II" a programme for streamlining Higher education across African Universities funded by the European Union.

Representantes do Escritório de Patentes Europeu (EPO) e do governo do Brasil assinaram no dia 17 de outubro um acordo que visa aprofundar a cooperação existente entre o EPO e o INPI na área de propriedade intelectual. O acordo foi assinado durante o 34º Encontro Empresarial Brasil-Alemanha, em Weimar, por Raimund Lutz, Vice-Presidente do EPO, e Marcos Pereira, Ministro da Indústria, Comércio Exterior e Serviços.

European Union Ambassador to Ghana, William Hanna on 17 October 2016 witnessed the signing of ‘Letters of Agreement’ between the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and four institutions including the Forestry Commission (FC), and timber processing groups to build their capacity in the management and exportation of timber.

17 октября в Люксембурге прошло заседание Совета ЕС по иностранным делам. Министры иностранных дел стран-членов ЕС обсудили ситуацию в Сирии, в частности, как Европейский Союз может поддержать работу по обеспечению политического будущего Сирии и облегчению гуманитарной ситуации в стране. Министры также говорили о миграции, реализации Глобальной стратегии ЕС и отношениях с Тунисом.
Основные результаты заседания Совета ЕС включают:


On 17 October, at the Council meeting in Luxemburg the EU foreign ministers discussed the situation in Syria, focusing on how the European Union can work more on the political future of Syria and on the humanitarian side, as well as the situation on migration, the EU Global Strategy and the relations with Tunisia. The main results of the Council include:


Усходняе партнёрства з'яўляецца сумеснай ініцыятывай, у якой удзельнічаюць Еўрапейскі саюз, краіны-члены ЕС і шэсць ўсходнееўрапейскіх краін-партнёраў - Арменія, Азербайджан, Беларусь, Грузія, Малдова і Украіна.