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En el marco del Proyecto Integración Económica Regional Centroamericana (INTEC) financiado por la Unión Europea (UE), la Secretaria de Integración Centroamericana (SIECA), a través del Centro de Estudios para la Integración Centroamericana, ejecuta el Programa de Aceleración de las Exportaciones: Export Kick Off Bootcamp (EKO BOOTCAMP 2.0).

Today the European Union, along with the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees co-hosted the International Donors' Conference in solidarity with Rohingya refugees and countries in the region.


Key highlights: EU supported electric buses arrive in Batumi, the new Access2Markets trade portal, and lots of environment: a new EU4Climate website for EaP countries, wrapping up 18 months of EU support on environment and EU Ambassador statements on World Environment Education day.

The citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania will elect on 28 October their President, Members of the parliaments of the Union and Zanzibar, as well as local councillors. The European Union would like to reiterate its support to the development and prosperity of the people of Tanzania and, in line with Article 4 of the Southern Africa Development Community treaty establishing the principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, its attachment to this process towards the consolidation of democratic institutions.

Le Conseil de l'Union européenne a actualisé le 22 octobre sa recommandation aux États membres concernant les restrictions temporaires des déplacements non essentiels en provenance d'un certain nombre de pays, dont le Canada, qui ont connu une recrudescence des cas de COVID-19 au cours des dernières semaines.


The Council of the European Union has issued a recommendation on 22 October advising EU Members States to restrict non-essential travel from a number of countries, including Canada, which have seen a surge in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.


The Council imposed restrictive measures on two individuals and one body that were responsible for or took part in the cyber-attack on the German Federal Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) in April and May 2015.