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Contribuir con el mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de las poblaciones migrantes y de frontera, en particular las Mujeres, jóvenes, trabajadoras y trabajadores transfronterizos, a través de su participación e incidencia en espacios comunitarios e institucionales para hacer valer su derecho a una vida libre de violencia y discriminación.

The transfer of Leopold Lopez to house arrest after more than three years in prison  is  a step in the right direction. It should be followed by further measures to implement the commitments undertaken by the government in the context of last year’s dialogue.

A negotiated political solution tou get the country out of the crisis that is severely affecting the people of Venezuela is urgent.

The United States, Jordan and Russia have announced initiatives to support a ceasefire and delivery of humanitarian assistance in southwest Syria starting today 9 July. The implementation of these arrangements towards a nation-wide cessation of hostilities and unhindered humanitarian access is key to facilitate the intra-Syrian talks under UN-auspices in Geneva.



One-day training seminar on Internet and Human Rights within the framework of the Council of Europe / European Union Joint Project “Freedom of expression and media freedom in Azerbaijan”, implemented under the CoE / EU Programme Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) took place on 19 July 2017 in Baku.