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On 28 and 30 September the World Trade Organization (WTO) holds its 1st Trade Policy Review (TPR) of the Russian Federation since it joined the WTO in August 2012.


28 и 30 сентября Всемирная торговая организация (ВТО) проведет свой первый Обзор торговой политики Российской Федерации после ее вступления в ВТО в августе 2012 года.


Hromadske TV appeared in the Ukrainian media landscape over a year ago, at the end of 2013, as a response to the long-time demand for independent public broadcasting. It has quickly become an important source of information on key social processes. Since January 2015 Hromadske TV is part of the EU-funded Hromadske Network.

Assistance to Ukrainian authorities to modernise the technical regulation system for industrial products through a Budget Support Programme.

33rd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council
Geneva, 13-30 September 2016
EU Intervention: Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Sudan