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Thank you very much. It is really a pleasure for me to be here in Tbilisi for my first official visit. I am afraid I didn't bring the sun from Brussels but still it's wonderful to be welcomed so warmly in this beautiful city, in this beautiful country.

Basic information on International Credit Mobility, Erasmus Mundus Joint
Master Degrees and Jean Monnet Activities.

Les élections législatives qui se sont déroulées le 8 novembre 2015 au Myanmar marquent pour ce pays une étape historique sur la voie de la démocratie. Pour la première fois depuis des décennies, tous les principaux partis politiques ont participé aux élections de manière généralement calme, pacifique et organisée dans tout le pays. Le taux de participation impressionnant enregistré le jour du scrutin témoigne de l'attachement des élections du Myanmar à la poursuite de la démocratisation du pays.


Federica Mogherini was in Kyiv on Monday 9 November for talks with political leaders and civil society groups in Ukraine. During her visit she also met representatives of the Crimean Tatars. Speaking to the press after meeting President Petro Poroshenko she said that the situation in Ukraine remained top of the EU agenda despite the other challenges the EU was facing with migration, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. She also reaffirmed that the implementation of the Minsk agreements by all sides was an absolute priority.


For the first time the European Union has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to observe the elections in Burkina Faso. After a year of transitional government, the country seemed to be on the right track toward elections, in spite of the recent military coup attempt which took place last September. At the invitation of the government of Burkina Faso, the European Union deployed an Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to observe the 2015 presidential and parliamentary elections in Burkina Faso. A Core Team of six analysts arrived in Ouagadougou on September 5th and started its work, as the election date was set for October 11th.

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It is always a pleasure to be here in Kyiv. 

As you have said Mr President, the main purpose of my visit here, apart from all the issues we have discussed, is to show that the situation in Ukraine remains top priority on the European agenda. While the European Union is focusing on what is happening at our southern and south-eastern borders with conflicts in the Mediterranean region, it is very crucial that we keep focused, united as Europeans, on the situation in Ukraine.