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On Tuesday, 26 September 2016, at 10:30hrs, a Media Literacy Conference will be organized as part of EU-funded project "Macedonian Coalition of Media and Information Literacy – MAMIL", at the hotel Holiday Inn, Skopje.

The European Union supports Armenia’s commitment to foster sustainable energy development and boost the country’s potential for renewable energy sources and energy security. Over the recent years the EU, together with its institutional partners and the Government of Armenia, has supported a large number of reforms and projects regionally and nationally. The purpose is to help Armenian communities to take steps towards increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. The cooperation between the EU and Armenia aims to diversify energy resources in the country and make it less dependent on the imported energy.


25th Session Committee on Agriculture (COAG) was held in Rome at FAO from 26 - 30 September 2016. The EU Delegation in Rome together with colleagues from Brussels participated.

Suite à l’annonce des résultats définitifs de l’élection présidentielle par la Cour Constitutionnelle samedi dernier, la Mission d’observation électorale de l’UE note des faiblesses techniques importantes dans le processus du contentieux électoral de résultat.

Joint Statement on Syria by the Foreign Ministers of France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the High Representative of the European Union

The document provides Ukraine with a framework for modernising its trade relations and for economic development by opening up markets and harmonising laws, standards and regulations in various sectors.

The document sets out the commitment of the EU and Ukraine to a close, long-term relationship based on common values.