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German-Saudi Jazz Fusion by Birgitta Flick, James Banner, Max Andrzejewski, Sultan Al Fard and Mohammed Hakeem.

Registration will be announced through Twitter @GermanyinKSA


Joaozinho (Little Johnny) was a phenomenon in his time. As a promising young Angolan of mixed ancestry, he studied engineering in Lisbon, where he picked up the social skills of the power elite in the fascit government, then suffered a broken leg for two-timing a minister’s daughter. The secret police also had it in for Joaozinho because he was popular with fellow students working to incite revolution. They get nothing from her interrogation but pack him out of Lisbon and home to Angola.

Language: Portuguese / English subtitles

The EU and Japan have concluded negotiations on a Strategic Partnership Agreement. Complementing the new economic deal agreed in December liberalising trade, the political deal aims to facilitate common solutions to common challenges, such as climate change, energy supply and threats to security. It will help the EU and Japan to jointly promote peace, stability and prosperity globally, as well as an open international system.


L'UE et le Japon ont conclu leurs négociations en vue d'un accord de partenariat stratégique. Cette entente au niveau politique, qui vient en complément du nouvel accord de partenariat économique intervenu en décembre pour libéraliser les échanges commerciaux, vise à faciliter la mise en œuvre de solutions communes à des défis communs tels que le changement climatique, l'approvisionnement énergétique et les menaces pour la sécurité. Elle permettra à l'UE et au Japon de promouvoir conjointement la paix, la stabilité et la prospérité à l'échelle mondiale, ainsi qu'un système international ouvert.


German-Saudi Jazz Fusion by Birgitta Flick, James Banner, Max Andrzejewski, Sultan Al Fard and Mohammed Hakeem.

By invitation only.


Call for Proposals : Promoting Renewable Energy for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Philippines

Reference: EuropeAid/158417/DD/ACT/PH

Books build bridges without borders between cultures and generations to promote education, tolerance and to inspire imagination in a globalized world. For the first time, King Fahad Cultural Centre will organise a Children’s Book Fair, which will be held from 26 to 30 April. The Delegation of the European Union will participate in the first Children's Book Fair with a stand displaying children’s books, maps of Europe, gadgets as well as mock passport of the European Union.

Morning hours: general public. Evening hours: only for families.