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Маросими ифтитоҳи кӯпрук дар ноҳияи Ҷалолиддини Балхӣ дар доираи лоиҳаи Иттиҳоди Аврупо баргузор гардид.

The opening ceremony of the bridge in Jaloliddin Balkhi district was held within the framework of EU project

The third edition of the EU Film Festival in Zimbabwe roared to life in October 2019 in the capital Harare and the second largest city, Bulawayo – and it was bigger and better than ever before.

Sudan has embarked on a complex political transition following the transitional agreement of 17 August
2019. This represents a major step towards civilian-led rule with a historic opportunity to achieve peace,
democracy and economic recovery. The European Union supports the consolidation of the political transition in Sudan and is ready to accompany the country on its path to political and economic reforms and to remain a key partner for the transitional authorities, in their quest to make the transition to democracy a success.

The documentary “A wild ride with Carl”, released this week, takes and engaging look on what the European Union does in various areas in Zimbabwe in the field of natural resources management.

Mardi 5 novembre 2019, la Commission européenne a publié son nouvel appel à propositions 2020 pour le programme Erasmus+. L'année 2020 est la dernière année du programme actuel de l'Union européenne pour la mobilité et la coopération dans les secteurs de l'éducation, de la formation, de la jeunesse et du sport. Le budget prévisionnel de plus de 3 milliards d'euros, soit une augmentation de 12 % par rapport à 2019, offrira aux jeunes Européens davantage de possibilités pour étudier, se former ou acquérir une expérience professionnelle à l'étranger. Dans le cadre de l'appel à propositions 2020, la Commission lancera un deuxième projet pilote consacré aux universités européennes. L'UE souhaite par ailleurs créer 35 000 possibilités de participation au programme pour les étudiants et les membres du personnel d'universités africaines, dans le cadre de l'Alliance Afrique - Europe pour un investissement et des emplois durables.

Mr. Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General, EEAS paid a visit to India on 7/8 November 2019  Mr. Leffler’s visit took place on the occasion of the second review of the Strategic Partnership between the EU and India, co-chaired with the Ministry of External Affairs.