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The EU Delegation will organise a series of nine online webinars in different policy areas ranging from green recovery to trade to public health, bringing together EU and Japanese experts to discuss the impact, policy response and EU-Japan cooperation regarding COVID-19.


2 July 2020, New York - A special briefing for United Nations Member States on “Ending Violence against Children during COVID-19 and beyond” was held today with more than 365 participants.

Organised by the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children together with the European Union Delegation to the UN and the Permanent Missions of France, Uruguay, Colombia, Japan and Jordan and with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, Mrs. Najat Maalla M’jid, UNICEF's Associate Director Cornelius Williams, and WHO's representative, today’s briefing aimed at raising awareness on the rising trend of violence against children in the period of lockdown, providing space for examples of how protection and prevention was exercised this period, but also how violence can be curtailed in the future, as COVID 19 can be an opportunity to build back better.

The meeting provided an opportunity to share challenges faced and actions being taken by countries during the outbreak and its recovery, ahead of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Establishing a strong and independent National Bank has been a fundamental achievement for Ukraine, and remains crucial to the country’s future success. Over the past years, the National Bank of Ukraine has taken bold and much needed steps to ensure Ukraine’s macro-financial stability and facilitate a sustainable economic recovery.

Онлайн-конференция “Медиа 2020: перемены” пройдет 07 июля 2020 с 14:30 до 21:00 (время московское) на платформе Zoom.

Эксперты обсудят какими будут медиа через год, два, десять лет, и что происходит с ними сегодня? Что навсегда изменится в мире после инфодемии? Как будут развиваться телеграм-каналы, подкасты, small media? Кто выйдет победителем в схватке между дипфейками и критическим мышлением? Как развитие VR-технологий повлияет на журналистику? Кто, как и зачем занимается распространением медиаграмотности в России, Украине, Беларуси и Казахстане?