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The British citizens have made their choice to leave our Union. However much we regret this decision, we respect it.
The challenges we are facing are too pressing for us to afford any institutional uncertainty. This is why we will move forward on the basis of our shared values and interests and why we will keep working for the security and the well-being of our citizens, for the inclusiveness and the resilience of our societies, and for a more just and more cooperative world.

تصريح مشترك للسيد مارتن شولتز، رئيس البرلمان الأوروبي والسيد دونالد تاسك، رئيس المجلس الأوروبي والسيد مارك روت، رئيس الدورة الحالية لمجلس الاتحاد الأوروبي والسيد جون كلود يونكير، رئيس المفوضية الأوروبية

Le RAPAC est bien cadré pour coordonner les interventions sectorielles et son statut exceptionnel l’a rendu crédible pour les bailleurs comme l’union européenne et l’Organisation internationale des bois tropicaux. 

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom

Several migration experts, practitioners and policymakers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, ICMPD as well as other international actors and stakeholders in Azerbaijan, met today in Baku for the International Conference on Mobility Partnerships.

The Delegation of the European Union issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Zambia

Statement by EU Deputy Ambassador Detlev Brauns at the Trade Policy Review of Fiji, February 2016

Statement by EU Deputy Ambassador Detlev Brauns at the Trade Policy Review of Georgia, January 2016