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The objective of the project is to work with local communities and concerned stakeholders including authorities to advocate for more recognition of community rights in natural resource management.

The project aims at increasing recognition and integration of the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy from Bangkok and other 7 provinces.

The project aims to improve women’s quality of life and participation in public life, by empowerment of rural women as leaders and improving rural women’s access to state services.

The project aims at advancing EU-Thailand’s cooperation towards the achievement of sustainable economic and social development goals and global integration through policy dialogues.

The project aims at building capacity of the civic network in 11 sub-districts of Chiengmai province in advocating co-management of natural resources, using scientific data to support the informed-decision making process, dialogue platforms and negotiations.

The project aims at improving productivity, environmental performance and occupational health and safety in the freight transport and logistics sector in the countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion.

The project aims at promoting the role of environmental Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) to ensure good governance in national climate change adaptation planning and bring about sustainable development and inclusive growth.

The project aims to enhance Community Based Organisations and communities’ documentation capacity and actions to participate in and contribute to the policy dialogue, governance and accountability processes at local and national level.

The goal is to empower Civil Society Organisations and Local Administrations to improve coverage and quality of services which enable the realization of the full potential for development of children 0-18 years and the protection of vulnerable children and families.