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It is the 10th anniversary of the CSDP training programme for Western Balkan partners. Since 2006, Austria, Hungary and Croatia have been providing this tailor-made training for partners in the Western Balkan region. The objective of the training course is to assist in and facilitate talks with the European Union in particular on chapter 31 (Common Foreign and Security Policy). Given this objective, TAIEX twins this event and provides substantial financial support for this training activity.

ENPARD implementing organization Care and Local Action Group in Lagodekhi published information on winners of latest call for proposals.


კონკურსი ორ ეტაპად ჩატარდა. პირველი ეტაპი საპროექტო იდეების შემოტანას გულისხმობდა და ის 2016 წლის 23 მაისიდან  20 ივნისამდე მიმდინარეობდა. მომდევნო ეტაპი სრული საგრანტო წინადადების შემოტანას გულისხმობდა, რომელიც 2016 წლის 10 აგვისტოს დაიწყო და ამავე წლის 10 სექტემბრამდე გაგრძელდა.


During the past year, the EU has been confronted with an unprecedented flow of refugees and migrants along the Balkan routes, and even before this, we had to contend with huge numbers arriving over the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, we had to acknowledge that the EU and its Member States were insufficiently prepared to meet the challenges of the migration crisis successfully.

Austria and the Egmont Institute organised a panel discussion on migration, in particular on the question of 'how CSDP can support'. The event aimed to deepen discussion of the way forward and give new momentum to the implementation of pragmatic solutions. The European Security and Defence College supported the training activity and the Egmont Palace was the setting where the experts met.