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Once again, the EU restates its unequivocal opposition, and its condemnation of, the application of capital punishment in all times and any circumstance. The death penalty is incompatible with human dignity and no convincing evidence of its deterrent effect has ever been presented.

EU and Norway to convene an extraordinary session of the international donor group for Palestine (AHLC)


L'UE et la Norvège décident de convoquer une session extraordinaire du groupe des donateurs internationaux pour la Palestine (AHLC)


Marietje Schaake, EU EOM Kenya 2017 Chief Observer, presented the mission's final report at a press conference in Brussels. "The general elections and later fresh presidential election brought many disappointments and confrontations," she said.

Председатель Европейской Комиссии Жан-Клод Юнкер на конференции на высшем уровне по обсуждению бюджета ЕС подчеркнул, что необходимо «соответствовать целям и решать будущие задачи».

The European Union through its election observation mission (EOM) has donated to eight organizations, all the equipment and assets that supported the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM).

Европейская Комиссия предложила стратегию ЕС в отношении Ирака для усиления поддержки, оказываемой населению страны.