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It is very important for me to be here today, meeting again my friends, and it is especially an honour for me to be the first of the international partners to meet with the Presidency Council.

It is particularly important to do so in a day of mourning the victims of yesterday's attack in Zliten and before in Sidra.

High Representative Federica Mogherini today became the first international figure to meet with the new Libyan Presidency Council, led by designated prime minister Fayez al Serraj.

1 January 2016 marked the provisional application of the EU – Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free trade Area (DCFTA). The DCFTA is one part  of the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement, which was signed in June 2014. The EU-Ukraine Association agreement covers political and economic cooperation, bringing the EU and Ukraine closer together.

The objectives pursued by the Annual Action Programme 2015 for Myanmar are to;

i) contribute to poverty reduction and improved food security and nutrition in selected areas of Myanmar;

ii) contribute to a more preventive, balanced and professional approach by law enforcement agencies based on international best practices and respect of human rights; and

iii) contribute to lasting peace, security, stability and sustainable development.




Once again Libya has been targeted by terrible violence, once again the Libyans are mourning victims of an attack.

The people of Libya deserve peace and security, and, with the Libyan Political Agreement, they have a great opportunity to set aside their divisions and work together, united, against the terrorist threat facing their country.


Une fois encore, la Libye a été la cible d'une terrible violence et une fois encore les Libyens pleurent les victimes d'un attentat.


Le peuple libyen a droit à la paix et à la sécurité et l'accord politique intervenu dans le pays donne aux Libyens une formidable occasion d'oublier leurs divisions et de collaborer, unis, contre la menace terroriste à laquelle leur pays est confronté.



Avant la mise en circulation des camions pénitentiaires, la population du Nord et Sud Kivu et de l’Ituri assistait à une scène de violation flagrante des droits de l’homme, lors des déplacements de prisonniers/détenus de la prison vers les lieux de jugement et vice versa. Ils étaient tous enfilés les uns les autres et escortés par des policiers ou militaires armés, en pleine journée. Il s'agit là d'un non-respect des droits des détenus, surtout celui de la présomption d’innocence. Les prisonniers sont désormais transportés dans les conditions humaines grâce aux trois camions pénitentiaires.

The continuing lack of information about the well-being and whereabouts of five Hong Kong residents (Lui Bo, Gui Minhai, Zhang Zhiping, Lin Rongji and Lee Po) associated with the publishing house Mighty Current is extremely worrying.
Two of them are EU citizens - Gui Minhai is a Swedish national, and Lee Po is a British national. In the case of Gui Minhai, he has been reported missing in Thailand since mid-October.