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The European Union Delegation to Ethiopia offers a post as Programme manager/Governance and Justice Officer in the Governance, Economics and Social Sectors team. He/she will be part of the team in charge of Governance projects and programmes management. This includes financial follow up, monitoring of the activities, strategic steering of the programme/project, monitoring the governance sector, exchanging with relevant stakeholders, reporting to colleagues and hierarchy. The post requires advanced university degree and experience in law, Human Rights or Political Science.

2020 წლის 27 ნოემბერს საქართველო პირველად უერთდება 29 ქვეყანას „ევროპელ მკვლევართა ღამის“ აღნიშვნაში. ეს ღონისძიება ტარდება ევროპის მასშტაბით და ხელს უწყობს მკვლევარებისა და მეცნიერების საზოგადოებასთან დაახლოებას.


On 27 November 2020 for the first time Georgia joins 29 other countries in celebrating European Researchers' Night – a Europe-wide event that brings researchers and science closer to the public.


As a global actor, the EU promotes prevention and resolution of conflicts as a mean to support peace and prosperity around the world.

Европейский союз приветствует ранее опубликованное мнение Венецианской комиссии Совета Европы в связи с переносом парламентских выборов и разделяет ее рекомендации по этому вопросу. Теперь властям Кыргызской Республики следует дать оценку позиции Венецианской комиссии, в связи с чем будет актуальным предстоящее решение по этому вопросу Конституционной палаты.


The EU welcomes the opinion of the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission on the postponement of the parliamentary elections and shares its recommendations in this regard. It is now for the authorities to assess this opinion and a timely ruling by the Kyrgyz Constitutional Chamber would be welcome. We take note that the Kyrgyz Republic also asked the Venice Commission for an opinion on the latest draft of the possible constitutional changes. This will allow the Kyrgyz Republic to benefit from the expertise of the Venice Commission on this matter.


Deux appels à propositions : "Alliances culturelles: collaborations entre des entités culturelles et artistiques"; "Initiatives culturelles et civiques menées par les jeunes"