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The European Commission’s top priority is to get Europe growing again and increase the number of jobs without creating new debt.

The foundations for the Europe we all know today were laid in 1957 in Rome.

The White Paper looks at how Europe will change in the next decade, from the impact of new technologies on society and jobs, to doubts about globalisation, security concerns and the rise of populism.

In Mali, a child dies every ten minutes due to malnutrition. Beyond the human consequences, undernutrition perpetuates the cycle of poverty and hinders the country’s economic growth.

My thoughts are with London tonight, with the families of the victims, with the commuters travelling home, with the people across the country and the world trying to get in touch with their loved ones, with the emergency services working courageously tonight, as every other night.




O evento "Qual é o futuro da União Europeia", organizado pelo CEBRI, no Rio de Janeiro, em parceria com a Delegação da União Europeia no Brasil e a FUNAG , será realizado no dia 30/03 e terá o embaixador da UE no Brasil, João Cravinho, como um dos palestrantes. Inscreva-se aqui: