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La démission, hier soir, du président du Yémen ainsi que du Premier ministre et de son gouvernement, ainsi que la flambée de violence observée à Sanaa et dans diverses provinces du pays, notamment à Marib, mettent en péril les formidables espoirs qu'a fait naître le processus de transition au Yémen.

Informații privind normele și dovezile de origine  pentru Republica Moldova

The week started with the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini chairing the Foreign Affairs Council. It focused on fighting global terrorism and on relations with Russia. It was agreed that security cooperation and cultural communication are key to fighting terrorism.

After more than a year of conflict and protracted negotiations, it is high time for the leaders on both sides to start putting the interest of their people first and work genuinely towards peace and prosperity.
The forthcoming African Union and IGAD summits will be crucial to make effective preparations for the formation of a Government of National Unity. This is the only way to avert an escalation of violence and further regionalisation of the conflict.


Après plus d'un an de conflit et de négociations interminables, il est grand temps que les dirigeants des deux camps donnent enfin la priorité à l'intérêt de leur population et qu'ils œuvrent véritablement en faveur de la paix et de la prospérité.


Time is running out in Eastern Ukraine where the escalation of fighting has caused far too many civilian as well as military casualties.


HIGH REPRESENTATIVE MOGHERINI: Thank you, John. You’ve said it all. As my first trip as a minister was to Washington, my first trip, my visit as a high representative for the European Union outside of our immediate region is in Washington. In think that’s natural and that is exactly because we work every day on common challenges in a very united and common way.

In response to an invitation by the Nigerian authorities, the European Union has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to observe the Presidential, Parliamentary and then Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections in Nigeria. These are scheduled on 14 and 28 February respectively.


On her first trip overseas, Federica Mogherini visited Washington to discuss key areas of cooperation on global issues and current high priorities as well as the future of the transatlantic partnership.

Répondant  à l'invitation des autorités nigérianes, l'Union européenne a déployé une mission d'observation électorale (MOE) chargée de suivre les élections présidentielle et législatives et, ensuite, les élections des gouverneurs et des parlements des États. Ces scrutins se dérouleront respectivement les 14 et 28 février.