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How do EU Member States achieve consensus on politically sensitive issues when it comes to establishing CSDP missions and operations? How do Member States negotiate, respecting each other's positions and national mandates, on contributing to launching challenging CSDP missions and operations? These were some of the proposed objectives of a role play exercise, simulating informal sessions of both the EUMC and CIVCOM, conducted as part of the CSDP Orientation Course organised in Bucharest from 5 to 9 February 2018.

On 23 February 2018, the European Commission is hosting the International High Level Conference on the Sahel in Brussels, with the African Union, the United Nations and the G5 Sahel group of countries, to strengthen international support for the G5 Sahel regions.


Le 23 février 2018, la Commission européenne accueille la Conférence internationale de haut niveau sur le Sahel à Bruxelles avec l'Union africaine, les Nations Unies et le groupe des pays du G5 Sahel pour renforcer le soutien international aux régions du G5 Sahel.


Common Security and Defence Policy is one of the crucial components of the EU's integrated approach. In order to emphasise the value and multidimensional perspective of the integrated approach, the EU Military Staff supported by the ESDC Secretariat conducted a pilot course on Comprehensive Crisis Management. The event was facilitated by the European External Action Service, in particular the Division on Prevention of Conflicts, Rule of Law/Security Sector Reform, Integrated Approach, Stabilisation and Mediation (PRISM).