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26 February 2018, New York – Migration is a global phenomenon that demands a global response based on the respect of the people involved. Migration can provide opportunities for all only if it is safe, orderly and regular, but not even the most powerful country is capable of managing migration on its own. The European Union is a staunch supporter of the process for a Global Compact on Migration (GCM), and it is committed to making the GCM a success.

The European Union-funded project - Technical Assistance to Support Pension Reform in Tajikistan – and the Tajikistan National University launched a training course today for training Officials of the Agency for Social Insurance and Pensions in actuarial science in Dushanbe.

Проект, финансируемый Европейским Союзом “Техническая помощь в поддержку пенсионной реформы в Таджикистане” - и Таджикский Национальный университет сегодня начали учебный курс для подготовки должностных лиц Агентства социального страхования и пенсий по актуарной науке в Душанбе.