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The latest developments in Armenia's capital Yerevan, related to the seized Erebuni police station, are very worrying. We call for an immediate release of the medical staff that is being held hostage.

Italy signs the first two grant agreements to address the root causes of migration by creating job opportunities for women and youth in Ethiopia


Cadrul Unic de Asistență: prioritățile pentru Moldova (2014-2017)

Pentru susținerea implementării Agendei de Asociere, Cadrul Unic de Asistență a fost dezvoltat în baza unor consultații comprehensive cu Guvernul, Organizațiile Societății Civile, donatorii bilaterali și multilaterali, Instituțiile Financiare Internaționale și Organizațiile Internaționale.

EU long-term observers are collecting information about the electoral process in all ten provinces of Zambia. The observers were deployed from Lusaka on 15 July, and since then they have been actively meeting local stakeholders, observing political rallies, and looking at all aspects of the electoral process.

Q&A on the Paris Agreement at COP21 annual environmental Conference

Права человека занимают центральное место в международных отношениях ЕС. Демократия остается единственной системой, в рамках которой – посредством соответствующих механизмов – люди могут требовать и реализовывать свои гражданские, политические, социальные, экономические и культурные права.

Text of the Paris Agreement

Council Conclusions on the Joint Caribbean-EU
Partnership Strategy