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يسعى الاتحاد الأوروبي ودوله الأعضاء إلى دعم تعزيز أنظمة صحية شاملة في الدول غير الأعضاء.


The EU and its Member States are aiming to support the strengthening of comprehensive health systems in non-EU countries.


Statement on behalf of the European Union delivered by Ambassador Vincent Guérend, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam

The European Union is now more vital than ever before and needs both vision and realism to push forward its agenda, High Representative Federica Mogherini said last night.

Discurso de Sven Kühn Von Burgsdorff, Embaixador da União Europeia na República de Moçambique sobre "Financiamento da industrialização em África: desafios e estratégias ganhadoras"
Conferência mesa-redonda da UNIDO para assinalar o “Dia da Industrialização de África 2016”
06 Dezembro 2016 @ Hotel Cardoso, Horário 18:00-19:30

The European Union (EU) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are joining Jordan’s effort to extend the use of sustainable and innovative renewable energy technology by providing finance, grants and technical cooperation for two projects in the solid waste management and water supply sectors.