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ЕС продолжает оказывать значительную поддержку деятельности по обеспечению безопасности границ в Центральной Азии. В частности, 21-23 февраля в г. Ташкенте пройдет национальный семинар по вопросам техники идентификации и профилирования иностранных боевиков-террористов, организованный в рамках Программы содействия управлению границами в Центральной Азии (БОМКА-9), финансируемый Европейским Союзом.


Déclaration au sujet de la situation en Éthiopie


Statement by the Spokesperson on the situation in Ethiopia


The civilian CSDP Mission EUAM Iraq organized 13 – 14 February in Baghdad the first in a series of strategic planning workshops which aim to support the Iraqi Ministry of Interior in its reform of the civilian security sector.

Déclaration de la porte-parole sur la récente escalade des événements à Gaza et dans ses environs


Statement by the Spokesperson on the recent escalation of events in and around Gaza


The European Union is allocating EUR 13 million to support initiatives to prevent family and child separation, take children out of harmful institutions and provide appropriate and quality alternative care for those deprived of parental care.

14th European Film Festival 20-24 February 2018 at the Casa Degli Italiani (Free Entrance)

Are you a university student interested in communication and/or international relations? Is an internship a compulsory part of your course? Are you curious to learn more about working in a diplomatic mission and how an EU Delegation represents the European Union interests and values in the Republic of Mauritius and in the Republic of Seychelles? If yes, our traineeship offer will be of interest to you…