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M. Van Ballekom, vice-président de la Banque Européenne d'Investissement et M. Sino or Raymond, directeur général de ACME (Action pour la coopération avec la microentreprise) ont signé le lundi 22 mai 2017 un accord de prêt d'une valeur de 3 millions d'euros pour l'accès au financement des micro entreprises haïtiennes.

La cérémonie s'est déroulée en présence de l'ordonnateur national du FED, M. Charles Jean-Jacques, et de l'ambassadeur de l'Union européenne, M. Vincent Degert.

The Head of EU Delegation in Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Michele Cervone inaugurated on 9 May in Riyadh, Europe Day 2017 with the Head of Protocol at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Azzam Al Gain and the Undersecretary for International Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture and Information Dr Andullah Bin Ali Alahmari.

The purpose of the action is to increase the capacity of Eilat Municipality to develop and promote smart solutions to the city's challenge of energy consumption (replacement of street/park lighting, public buildings retrofits, home energy audits and environmental education and awareness).

The Ministry of Defence and the Lebanese Armed Forces Command launched today the study entitled “Sustainable Energy Strategy of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)” in collaboration with the European Union-funded UNDP CEDRO Project.


أطلقت اليوم وزارة الدفاع الوطني وقيادة الجيش اللبناني دراسة بعنون "استراتيجية الطاقة المستدامة للجيش اللبناني" بالتنسيق مع مشروع سيدرو الممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي والذي يتولى تنفيذه برنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي.


On 18 May the European Union Delegation to Liberia wrote to the President of the Republic of Liberia regarding Executive Order no. 84 on Management of Liberia Fishery Resources. The EU intended this to be a private communication but it has subsequently been quoted in the Liberian media. In the interests of transparency we are therefore publishing the original text in full on our website.