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Cooperation between Mozambique and the European Union came into existence after Mozambique´s independence in 1975. The close relationship between the two parties encompasses partnerships at bilateral, regional and global level.

So far, EU support to Mozambique was able to deliver the following achievements, among others:

Useful information for anyone who wants to travel from Mozambique to the EU, for example on visas, travel restrictions and consulates, and for those who want to study in the EU.

The EU’s external policies, strategies, instruments and missions to support stability, promote human rights and democracy, seek to spread prosperity and support the enforcement of the rule of law and good governance.

Localizado na região da África austral e fazendo fronteira com o Oceano Índico, Moçambique tem uma população de 29 milhões de habitantes e uma área terrestre de cerca de 800.000 km², correspondendo aproximadamente à área combinada de Itália e Espanha.


The EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade. A list of topics which summarise what the EU does in a specific area, useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.

Informações úteis para quem quer viajar de Moçambique para a UE, por exemplo, sobre vistos, restrições de viagem e consulados, e para quem quer estudar na UE.