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Several problems that the Federated States of Micronesia face will be supported with through a series of activities focused around enhancing drought readiness.

20/06/2018 - A l’occasion du séminaire annuel des Institutions Supérieures de Contrôle Euro-mediterrannéennes, Son Excellence M. Patrice Bergamini s’est exprimé, en présence du Premier Président de la Cour des Comptes de Tunisie, Monsieur Néjib Gtari, devant les représentants des Cours des Comptes de sept pays arabes et dix de leurs homologues européens pour rappeler le long partenariat qui unit l’Union Européenne à chacune des institutions présentes.

Камісар па Еўрапейскай палітыцы суседства і перамовах аб пашырэнні Ёханэс Хан і камісар па лічбавай эканоміцы і грамадству Марыя Габрыэл 21-22 чэрвеня будуць знаходзіцца ў Мінску для ўдзелу ў 10-м Нефармальным партнёрскім дыялогу Усходняга партнёрства.


Комиссар по Европейской политике соседства и переговорам о расширении Йоханнес Хан и Комиссар по цифровой экономике и обществу Мария Габриэл 21-22 июня будут находиться в Минске для участия в 10-м Неформальном партнерском диалоге Восточного партнерства.

The European Commission adopted today the regulation putting in place the EU's rebalancing measures in response to the US tariffs on steel and aluminium. The measures will immediately target a list of products worth €2.8 billion and will come into effect on Friday 22 June.

The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to poverty reduction in Africa in the context of sustainable development through support to private sector led inclusive green growth which fosters transformation towards green economy.

#ClimaDiplo week 2018

Our EU in South Africa team with EU Science and Innovation, Deputy Director Patrick Child are celebrating #ClimaDiplo week at the global Adaptation Futures conference in Cape Town.

Our exhibitiion stand was designed by a brilliant young south African designer, Palesa Matlaupane, who won the EU-CityPress stand design competition.