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In Phongsaly province, upland smallholder farmers live and thrive from weather-dependent agriculture and ecosystems. Weather data analyses combined with farmers’ knowledge tend to show an increase of climate hazards such as stronger winds and storms, longer droughts or floods, forcing farmers to continuously improve and adapt their farming system to be more resilient to climate change. In this regard, agroforestry tea farming represents a strong opportunity to develop sustainable community's livelihoods while maintaining forest cover.

WIPO - 27th session of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents
Geneva, 11–15 December 2017
EU Statement: Patents and health (SCP/27/6, SCP/27/8)

In northern Laos, poverty incidence remains high particularly among minority populations living in remote upland areas. In Oudomxay Province, 55% of Children under 5 years are stunted, and 47% of the households have no access to improved sanitation. The poorest villages rely on shifting cultivation due to limited areas of lowlands and have a high dependency towards natural resources and forests use. Communities have to address challenging issues: depletion of natural resources, pressure and reduction of available lands, transition of extensive- subsistence led model to market oriented systems

The implementation of the international conventions and national laws to protect and combat violence against women and children remains a challenge. Domestic violence still considers as family matter and should not be discussed because of its impact on a family’s reputation. Women are still reluctant to report the incidents due to fear or shame and a weak judicial system. A pervasive lack of capacity to address the problem cuts across government, civil society, law enforcement, judiciary, and village elders responsible for the customary. This leaves women vulnerable to GBV.

Firm in the belief that trade contributes to creating wealth and jobs, the European Union is committed to an open and rules-based multilateral trading system, with a central role for the WTO. The EU supports an ambitious but realistic and balanced package for the 11th World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference (MC11) in Buenos Aires, and expects all WTO members to make a constructive and adequate contribution, fully reflecting their capacities.

Im Jahr 1948, nach dem verheerenden Zweiten Weltkrieg, der zur schmerzlichen Spaltung Europas und zur Besetzung vieler europäischer Länder führte, beschloss die internationale Gemeinschaft, Menschenrechte festzulegen, zu fördern und zu schützen.

У 1948 році, після руйнівної Другої світової війни, що спричинила болючий поділ Європи і окупацію багатьох європейських держав, міжнародна спільнота взяла на себе зобов'язання визначити права людини, захищати їх та заохочувати їх дотримання. Загальна декларація прав людини, якій ми віддаємо належне 10 грудня, закріпила ці загальні принципи і мала значний вплив на розвиток світу. Проте зараз, з плином сімдесяти років, ми все ще не досягли повного дотримання цих зобов'язань у всьому світі. Ми визнаємо, що всі держави повинні докладати більше зусиль у цьому напрямі.