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Dar es Salaam August 1, 2017: The European Union Delegation in Tanzania has funded and launched today a TZS. 1,400,000,000, equivalent to EUR 600,000, three- year project (2017 – 2020) to counter child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).

South Africa's trade relationship with the European Union (EU) remains by far the most significant for the country, both in terms of volumes of local exports as well as job creation. The EU is a strong and reliable trade partner of South Africa.


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Расширение обменов и укрепление взаимопонимания, особенно с молодёжью, – ключевые приоритеты инициативы ЕС «Восточное партнёрство»


Increasing exchanges and enhancing mutual understanding – especially with youth – is a key priority of the EU's Eastern Partnership programme.

Accroître les échanges et renforcer la compréhension mutuelle — en particulier avec les jeunes — est l’une des grandes priorités du programme du partenariat oriental de l’UE.

More than 18,000 small arms and light weapons were destroyed on 21 July in Železnik near Belgrade, Serbia, in what was one of the largest EU-supported disposal actions in the Western Balkans aiming to increase security and minimise the risk of arms proliferation.