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Муколамаи сатҳи баланд миёни Иттиҳоди Аврупо ва Осиёи марказӣ оид ба масоили сиёсату амният

EU-Central Asia High Level Political and Security Dialogue

Диалог высокого уровня по вопросам политики и безопасности ЕС - Центральная Азия


Vientiane, 7th June 2017

Opening remarks by EU Ambassador Mr Leo FABER at the seminar on: A Rights Based Approach to Development encompassing all human rights for EU development cooperation.

Dear colleagues and friends from the Government, European Embassies and International Organisations, the EU Delegations from the region and last not least from the Delegation in Vientiane.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,