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The European Investment Fund (EIF) is partnering with the European Commission, to announce €300 million of investments into the EU space sector, supporting ground-breaking innovation in the industry.

During the European Space Conference in Brussels, EIF and the EC jointly announced investments into two space tech focused funds - Orbital Ventures and Primo Space, under the first ever EU-backed equity pilot - the InnovFin Space Equity Pilot.


Imagine a world where space technology can be used to rescue people at sea; satellite systems to identify major climate changes; and Earth observation technologies helping farmers to monitor crops, reduce water waste and avoid poor fertilisation... Sounds futuristic, but this is happening... and happening now! Just days after the launch of a new decade, the European Space Conference convened to take stock of what has been done, and to look forward to Europe’s future space policy, its programs and missions.

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, dear friends,

I am pleased to speak at this year’s European Space Conference. I remember well when we met one year ago and discussed how space has become a key component of the global security equation and how the rise in geo-political tensions we see on Earth are being extended and projected into the space.

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Closing Date: 26th January, 2021