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משלחת האיחוד האירופי למדינת ישראל אירחה אמש (רביעי) אירוע מיוחד בתל אביב לציון 25 שנים של שיתוף פעולה מוצלח בין ישראל והאיחוד בתחומי המחקר והחדשנות.


The European Union Delegation to the State of Israel on Wednesday evening hosted a special event in Tel Aviv to mark 25 years of successful EU-Israel collaboration in the field of research and innovation.


Access to electricity is taken for granted in most high-income countries. It is easy to forget how vital a reliable power source is to ensuring access to health. In the world’s poorest regions, where the electricity network is patchy at best, and often non-existent, entire hospitals run on costly and polluting diesel generators.

Commissioner Lenarčič, who is currently in South Sudan, has announced today new funding of €43.5 million in humanitarian aid in the country. The funds will be used, among others, to help those most in need, including with protection and food assistance, as well as those affected by man-made and natural disasters.

On 22 April, the Government of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), with the support of the European Union, convened key stakeholder organisations on disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Digitalisation is a strategic priority in Turkmenistan. Digital transformation is becoming more and more popular among Turkmen enterprises regardless of their location, in main cities or rural areas, with a focus on communication technology and e-commerce.

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The sixth edition of the EU-ASEAN Blue Book provides an overview on development cooperation between ASEAN and the EU and its Member States.