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The European Union provided €900,000 to support Palestinian farmers in Gaza affected by the Israeli occupation. This contribution is channelled through the Palestinian Authority's programme "Private Sector Reconstruction Gaza – Agriculture''. It includes the provision of agricultural materials, inputs and equipment to help farmers restore their damaged businesses and develop their livelihood activities.


Le site des travaux de construction de la plus grande centrale solaire du Bénin a été officiellement remis le 19 novembre 2020 à l’entreprise Eiffage Energie Services/RMT. Cette centrale s’inscrit dans le cadre du projet DEFISSOL, d'un montant total de près de 40 milliards de FCFA (60,5 millions d’euros) et cofinancé à hauteur de 32,8 milliards FCFA (prêt) par l’AFD et de 6,6 milliards FCFA (dons) par l’Union européenne. Il prévoit d’une part la construction d’une centrale photovoltaïque de 25 mégawatts dans la commune de Pobè,et d’autre part la modernisation du système informatique de la Société Béninoise d'Energie Electrique (SBEE).

20/11/2020 - Several Outlets - 25 years ago, the Dayton Peace Agreement ended the bloodiest war in Europe after the Second World War. A devastating conflict that led to genocide, more than 100,000 deaths, and over a million refugees. The memories of this war, at the heart of our continent, will remain with us forever.

أطلق الاتحاد الأوروبي في 17 نوفمبر حملة "يجب ان نتحدث عن اليمن" لتسليط الضوء على الوضع في اليمن. تشمل الحملة الإلكترونية أفلامًا قصيرة ومعرضًا فنيًا يمنيًا على الإنترنت وأنشطة أخرى على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.


The EU launched on 17 November the campaign “We need to talk about Yemen” to raise awareness about the situation in Yemen. The digital campaign includes short movies, a Yemeni art online exhibition and social media activities. The campaign was launched in a virtual event  by EU Ambassador to Yemen Hans Grundberg.


The EU’s relationship with Afghanistan is guided by the 2017 EU Strategy for Afghanistan, aimed at strengthening the country’s institutions and economy. The 2017 Cooperation Agreement provides the basis for developing a mutually beneficial relationship in several areas such as: human rights, the rule of law, health, rural development, education, science and technology, the fight against terrorism, organised crime and narcotics. Most recently, EU27 have given further steer in the May 2020 Conclusions of the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council

The European Union (EU) has provided up to EUR 5 million (approx. SZL 100 million) to help support job creation and investment climate in Eswatini.

Today, 20 November at 14:30, an off-the-record briefing for accredited journalists will take place ahead of the 2020 Afghanistan Conference. The briefing will be given by EU officials.

Journalists already accredited to the EU institutions will have received the link through which to participate via the European Commission.

Journalists not accredited to the EU institutions can register to participate until 12:00 midday CET today by sending an email to attaching:

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L'Union européenne (UE) est le fruit d'un partenariat économique et politique entre 27 pays européens. Elle joue un rôle majeur sur la scène internationale, que ce soit par la diplomatie, les échanges commerciaux, l’aide au développement ou la coopération avec les organisations internationales. À l’étranger, elle est représentée par plus de 140 représentations diplomatiques, connues aussi sous le nom de délégations de l’UE, qui ont une fonction similaire à celle d’une ambassade.