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Cartographie portant sur les risques liés aux inondations, aux incendies, aux accidents de la route, etc. vient d'être réalisée

En el día de ayer se presentaron parte de los resultados alcanzados por el Programa  Justicia e Inclusión. Se trata de la realización de un estudio epidemiológico de la población privada de libertad y los protocolos de atención sanitaria tanto en el sistema de jóvenes como adultos.

High Representative Federica Mogherini this week travelled to Beijing to participate in the 18th EU-China Summit.

We regret that the leadership of Democratic Party has rejected the compromise proposal.


Na vjen keq që lidershipi i Partisë Demokratike e refuzoi propozimin për kompromis.


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Good morning,

It's a duty for us to meet today with the Heads of State and Government of the countries that are more affected in Africa as well as with the United Nations and the NGOs that are partners for our work. We must first of all realise that it's not over yet, and we have still to concentrate all our efforts to make sure that there is no new case and that Ebola is defeated for sure and for good.