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Thank you, I would like to thank all those humanitarian workers who are making the difference every single day. And I believe if we are here today it is because we feel we share a responsibility and a duty. I would say a duty. A duty to focus today and tomorrow - when the conference will be over - on the people of Syria.

The European Union and the Government of Swaziland met on 2 February 2016 to review the performance of their cooperation in 2015 and to agree on the priorities for 2016 and beyond. The meeting was held at Sibane Hotel in Ezulwini. The review concluded that Swaziland cooperation with the EU was not only proceeding to the satisfaction of the partners but was also growing from strength to strength.

2 февраля в Риме состоялась третья министерская встреча "малой группы" глобальной коалиции по борьбе с ДАИШ.

Европейская Комиссия представила План действий по усилению борьбы с финансированием терроризма. Недавние теракты в ЕС и за его пределами свидетельствуют о необходимости принятия скоординированных ответных мер для борьбы с терроризмом.


High Representative Federica Mogherini together withPresident Tusk, President Schulz and Commissioners Hahn and Stylianides will travel to London on Thursday 4 February to attend the conference 'Supporting Syria and the Region'. They will represent the EU to reconfirm their solidarity with the Syrian people and neighbouring countries that have been affected by the crisis.

Torsdag 28. februar møttes representanter fra en rekke Trøndelagsskoler i Trondheim for å lære mer om Erasmus+, og hvordan skrive gode prosjektsøknader. Seminaret ble arrangert av EUs delegasjon til Norge, i samarbeid med Trøndelags Europakontor og Senter for internasjonalisering av utdanning (SiU).

Se entregan obras complementarias de aduanas en la frontera con Haití, financiadas por la Unión Europea