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The European Union Delegation issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Kenya. This statement is also jointly issued with the Heads of Mission of the United States of America, Norway, Canada and Australia.

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - EU Intervention: Health in the 2030 Agenda

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - Agenda item 13.4: Multisectoral action for a life course approach to healthy ageing: draft global strategy and plan of action on ageing and health

WHO - 69th World Health Assembly (23-28 May 2016) - Agenda item 13.2: Health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


The Director General EU Military Staff formally changed and handed over to his successor on Thursday 26 May.

After three years of dedicated service to the European Union, Lt General Wolfgang Wosolsobe from Austria handed over to Finland's Lt General Esa Pulkkinen during a handover ceremony at the EEAS building in Brussels.

In response to the ongoing El Niño-induced drought which has hit Timor-Leste over the last few months, the European Union is providing about US$110,000 in humanitarian funding to assist the most affected populations.

"The engagement by representatives of both Government and opposition in Arusha opens the way to a credible dialogue amongst all Burundian stakeholders.  President Mkapa's personal engagement as facilitator and his commitment to protect the principles of the Arusha Agreements were critical to achieve this.


«l’engagement des représentants du gouvernement et de l’opposition à Arusha ouvre la voie à un dialogue crédible entre toutes les parties prenantes à la crise burundaise.  L'engagement personnel du président Mkapa dans sa fonction de facilitateur et sa volonté de défendre les principes de l’accord d’Arusha ont eu un effet déterminant sur la réalisation de cet objectif.