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Le parlement du Myanmar a adopté le projet de loi spéciale relative au mariage des femmes bouddhistes, qui constitue le deuxième d'une série de quatre projets de lois appelés "projets de lois pour la protection de la race et de la religion".


The current School Feeding Programme was set up in reaction to the 2008 food crisis, but also due to climate change, and began to be implemented in 2009 by the UN World Food Programme. EU support since 2013 focuses on improving nutrition in rural areas identified as falling behind in achieving the MDG 1c goal of Food Security. Delivering staples such as rice, peas, oil and salt is part of the Programme, which also tries to encourage primary school children's involvement in school gardens. The Programme improves learning, attendance and enrolment in primary schools, particularly of girls.

"I am now a trusted mediator in my community, whereas before no one would even talk to me."

Gul Rehman, project beneficiary

We entered the most difficult but also the most real part of the negotiations. We had yesterday two plenaries with all the ministers, several coordination meetings with the E3+3 ministers yesterday, tonight and this morning again. 
We have started to discuss at the highest political level the last difficult political issues that we have to solve. We knew it would have been difficult, challenging and sometimes hard. On some things it gets tense, on some others we make progress.