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The EU Delegation to the Philippines together with the EU Member States present an array of online cultural activities. Film, Poetry, Music and Astronomy events are being showcased to to the Filipino audience to convey messages of hope, solidarity and friendship.


In 2019, I visited as Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs the Simon Bolivar bridge, a 300 metres long bridge spanning Venezuela and Colombia. The bridge is named after the Venezuelan statesman and it was until the Venezuelan economic crisis a popular crossing point for citizens to shop across the border. Today, the bridge is a point where many Venezuelan refugees start the journey to look for a better future. At the time, I could witness the dire situations that many Venezuelans migrants and refugees are escaping from and the risks and misery they face. 5 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants have by now sought safety and new opportunities across the world, mostly in neighbouring countries. During my visit, I was already appointed as EU High Representative and was committed to organise European and international support for the refuges and migrants. The visit at the crossing over the Táchira River confirmed how badly this is needed.


En el marco del proyecto “Construyendo Paz”, ejecutado por Christian Aid y la Fundación de Estudios para la Aplicación del Derecho (FESPAD), co-financiado por la Unión Europea, se realizó la entrega de canastas básicas y kits de higiene para 500 familias de siete municipios de El Salvador: San Salvador, Ilopango, Soyapango, San Martín, Mejicanos, Ciudad Delgado y Cojutepeque.

Are you a European SME interested in expanding to Canada? Could your product benefit from the tariff reductions brought about by the free trade agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada? Do you need help navigating CETA to understand what it can do for your business?

27 May 2020, New York - Statement on behalf of the EU and its Member States at the Security Council Open Debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

On 23 April 2020 the European Council decided to work towards establishing a recovery fund to respond to the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. It tasked the Commission to analyse the exact needs and to urgently come up with a proposal that is commensurate with the challenge we are facing.

Today 27 May 2020, the European Commission issued its proposal on a Recovery Fund and the Multiannual Financial Framework.

El 23 de abril de 2020, el Consejo Europeo decidió trabajar para establecer un fondo de recuperación para responder a las consecuencias socioeconómicas de la crisis COVID-19. Encomendó a la Comisión que analice las necesidades exactas y presente con urgencia una propuesta acorde con el desafío al que nos enfrentamos.