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Lebanon , a country of 4.4 million inhabitants, is hosting around 1.1 million Syrian refugees (including non–registered), 42 000 Palestinian refugees from Syria, 6 000 Iraqi refugees and nearly 450 000 refugees from Palestine. This makes it the highest per-capita concentration of refugees worldwide, where one person out of four is a refugee.

To assist unaccompanied and separated children in Northern Syria by providing shelters , protection and integration in families of origin or alternative care facilitities.

College of Europe is offering large number of scholarships for university graduates coming from European Neighbourhood Policy countries, including Ukraine. These scholarships will be awarded to pursue postgraduate studies during the academic year 2019-2020.

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Tulips are in full bloom in Ottawa at this time of the year, and so are our numerous activities marking this year's 40th anniversary of the European Union in Canada.

The reported attack today on the Iraqi Parliament and the violent protests in Baghdad risk to further destabilise an already tense situation. It appears as deliberate disruption of the democratic process.  A rapid restoration of order is in the interest of the Iraqi people, who have been suffering for too long for the lack of stability in their country, and is in the interest of all the region, confronted by many threats.