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The project aims to promote the conditions for a negotiated solution to the regional conflict by integrating broad women's voices and involvement in political and civil action for peace and security.

The objective of the project is to support the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics in aligning official statistics with the EU and other international organisations standards, guidelines, and best practices, in four different fields:

Objective: Realising women's human rights in family law in Israel with emphasis on concerns by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women on ‘discrimination against women in the context of divorce’.

Renforcer la capacité des organisations de la société civile à défendre et représenter de manière légitime les droits et intérêts des femmes vulnérables à Djibouti;

The overall objective of the project is to support the government's efforts to facilitate access to justice for the population of Eritrea. The purpose of the project is to improve the services provided by the Community Courts in Eritrea.

The aim of this action was to promote the wider use of LPG for cooking in small urban and rural areas of Eritrea.

The overall objective of the project is to provide clean, affordable and sustainable supply of electricity for 40 000 people in 28 rural and semi-urban communities that are far from the national grid and have limited or no access to modern energy.

The programme aims to support the government of Colombia in strengthening the productivity and competitiveness of the dairy sub-sector, so as to contribute to the eradication of poverty, the promotion of sustainable and inclusive growth and the consolidation and improvement of the democratic and economic governance of the country.