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Makati City — Youth advocates from child rights organization Plan International have urged decision makers to focus most especially on the most marginalized children and step up efforts to leave no child behind during the launch of the European Union Guidelines on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child held in Makati City.

Two German experts conducted a two-day training workshop for fifteen national experts in the fields of narcology and psychology, social workers and former drug users from Dushanbe, Khujand, Chkalovsk, Kulyab, Kurgan-Tyube and Vahdat.

Два эксперта из Германии провели двухдневный национальный тренинг в Таджикистане для пятнадцати национальных экспертов – наркологов, психологов, социальных работников и бывших наркозависимых пациентов из Душанбе, Худжанта, Чкаловска, Куляба, Курган-Тюбе и Вахдата.


Ду коршинос аз Олмон омӯзиши миллии дурӯзро дар Тоҷикистон гузарониданд, ки омӯзиши мазкур барои понздаҳ коршиносони миллӣ аз ҷумлаи наркологон, равоншиносон, кормандони иҷтимоӣ ва шахсоне, ки дар гузашта гирифтори бемории нашъамандӣ буданд, аз шаҳрҳои Душанбе, Хуҷанд, Чкаловск, Кӯлоб, Қӯрғонтеппа ва Ваҳдат пешбинӣ шуда буд.

Mon nom est Souleymane. Je suis né à Bamako. J’ai 15 ans et suis en classe de 11ème sciences au lycée. J’aime les matières scientifiques, ainsi que le français. Ceci me permettra un jour d’entreprendre des activités de recherche sur les enfants du Mali et du monde. Je suis de l’ethnie Bambara de Ségou et vis à Bamako, au sein d’une grande famille, composée d’un père, deux mamans et de 12 frères et sœurs. Je suis le dernier fils de la famille. J’aime beaucoup le sport.

The EU Delegation is hosting a regional training on Logical Framework Approach (LFA), Indicators and Evaluation. The training started on Monday 24 April and will last until Friday 28 April in the venue of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers.

The trainers are international experts involved in similar activities all over the world.

Mr Madi Hamada, Secretary General, Indian Ocean Commission;

The Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation;

Representatives from the Regional Fisheries Management Organisations;

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Good morning,


I am pleased to be here today to launch the 7th Steering Committee meeting of the SmartFish programme, funded under the 10th European Development Fund.

Déclaration de la porte-parole sur l’assassinat de Yameen Rasheed aux Maldives