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La haute représentante/vice-présidente Federica Mogherini rencontre les Premiers ministres des Balkans occidentaux à Skopje

Los Países Bálticos, seleccionaron a Chile y a Costa Rica como dos países prioritarios en su estrategia de internacionalización de empresas del sector TIC en América Latina. Los días jueves 12 y viernes 13 de abril, la misión se extendió a Costa Rica.

'Taste of Europe' Food Night in NYC – Featuring Chef Günter Seeger: My name is Günter Seeger, and I am from the Black Forest region of Germany.

On an official visit to Albania, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini acclaimed a "collective acknowledgement" of the country's progress towards EU standards and eventual membership, and called for a "collective responsibility" from the leaders, institutions and people of Albania for continued reforms. The European Commission on 17 April recommended opening EU accession negotiations with Albania.

Within the campaign promoting cultural heritage, the EU Info Centre in Belgrade involved the youngest fellow citizens by organising a series of creative workshops entitled “Saturdays for Youth”.