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Kinshasa, 29 septembre 2017


Suite à des insinuations infondées, la Délégation de l'Union européenne et les ambassades des pays membres de l'espace Schengen présents en RDC souhaitent communiquer ce qui suit:

During my visit to Indonesia, 26-29 September, I will have one clear objective: further enhancing and deepening our connectivity with Indonesia, ASEAN and the wider region.


Dalam rangka kunjungan saya ke Indonesia, 26-29 September, saya memiliki satu tujuan yang jelas: semakin meningkatkan dan memperdalam konektivitas Uni Eropa dengan Indonesia, ASEAN dan kawasan ini.


Mme Federica Mogherini se rend en Finlande pour l’inauguration officielle du centre d’excellence pour la lutte contre les menaces hybrides à Helsinki (le 2 octobre).


Federica Mogherini travels to Finland for the official inauguration event of Hybrid Centre of Excellence in Helsinki (2 October)


The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to The Gambia has released its Final Report, providing a comprehensive assessment of the electoral process against The Gambia’s laws, as well as its regional and international commitments to democratic elections. The Final Report also includes a list of 31 recommendations for consideration by the authorities and other electoral stakeholders on how to improve future elections, granting the electorate full enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms.

التقت اليوم رئيسة بعثة الاتحاد الأوروبي في لبنان السفيرة كريستينا لاسن رئيس لجنة البيئة النيابية النائب أكرم شهيب وناقشت معه التحديات الملحة التي يواجهها لبنان في إدارة النفايات الصلبة، خصوصاً في بيروت وجبل لبنان.

وعرضت لاسن مع شهيب الحاجة إلى المضي قدماً في مراجعة واعتماد القانون الخاص بالإدارة المتكاملة للنفايات الصلبة. وقالت: "من المهم وضع الإطار القانوني والتنظيمي من أجل تحديد المعايير الضرورية."


Ambassador Christina Lassen, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, met today with the Head of the Environment Parliamentary Committee, MP Akram Chehayeb, and discussed with him the urgent challenges that Lebanon is facing in managing solid waste, particularly in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Ambassador Lassen addressed with MP Chehayeb the need to move forward with the review and adoption of the law on integrated solid waste management. She said: "It is crucial to get the legal and regulatory framework in place in order to establish the necessary standards."