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My visit to Jakarta on 11-13 October, takes place in the context of European economic diplomacy and is meant to enhance EU-Indonesia relations. Indonesia is increasing its status as a global player and is a significant member of the ASEAN regional cooperation.


In the wake of the easing of US sanctions, the EU encourages the Government of Sudan to progress further towards peace and reconciliation in Sudan.

SAMA International Music Festival in Khartoum co funded by the EU to promote traditional and contemporary music in Sudan.

Сегодня ЕС объявляет, что он не будет перечислять дополнительные средства в государственный бюджет Республики Молдова для поддержки реформ в секторе правосудия.

Эти средства были предоставлены молдавским властям, которые согласились использовать их для реформирования сектора правосудия, особенно в течение 2014 и 2015 годов.

Astăzi, UE anunță că nu va mai transfera fonduri pentru bugetul de stat moldovean pentru a susține reformele în sectorul justiției.

Aceste fonduri au fost disponibile pentru autoritățile din Republica Moldova care au fost de acord să le utilizeze pentru reforme în sectorul justiției, mai ales în perioada anilor 2014 și 2015.

Today, the EU announces that it will not transfer any further funds to the Moldovan state budget to support reforms in the justice sector.

These funds were made available to the Moldovan authorities who had agreed to use them for reforming the justice system, especially during the years 2014 and 2015.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the Delegation of European Union to Azerbaijan, in cooperation with EU MS Embassies accredited in Azerbaijan, Embassies of Switzerland, Norway, Peru, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Brazil, Park Cinema, Landmark Hotel, DokuBaku, "United Cultures", Baku Media Centre, YARAT and with the support of Turkish Airlines and Asan radio 100 FM, organizes the first edition of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival. IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival aims to promote the values of the intercultural dialogue and tolerance through different expressions of art.