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Os G7 ++ Amigos do Golfo da Guiné (GdG) alcançaram um importante avanço durante o encontro na Cidade da Praia, no passado dia 2 de Dezembro. Cabo Verde confirmou a criação do centro de coordenação internacional para a sua zona. A Coordenadora Sênior do Serviço Europeu de Ação Externa (SEAE) para o Golfo da Guiné, Hélène Cavé, e a Oficial de Política do SEAE, Patricia Davies, participaram da reunião.

Joint Press Release: The European Union and the United States Sign Military Logistical Assistance Agreement


EU guidelines on trade in rough diamonds, Kimberley Process Documents, Responsible sourcing of minerals

In this first Monitoring Report of the European Development Cooperation Strategy 2014-2018, European partners take stock of progress made in 2014-2015 in the areas where European partners provide support to Cambodia’s development agenda. The ambition is that this Report, together with its conclusions and recommendations, will provide a basis for an informed dialogue with the Royal Government of Cambodia and other stakeholders and that it can be used as a tool forjoint analysis of progress or lack of progress in key development areas in a constructive and solution-oriented manner, in line with the spirit of partnership and the principle of mutual accountability.